Sweet, delish Honey Pie

Sweet, delish Honey Pie

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Top 10 Things To Do Now That You're 21

Note y'all: OK, so this is the blog post that was posted for one day and then somehow was accidentally deleted where in my last blog post about strange things I say I was all, "Oh. My. Fucking. God. I just accidentally deleted my blog post for the second fucking time in a row!" Remember that one? Yea, so bing, I got it back! Some of you have probably already read this nonsense but some of you people missed out - so lucky for you, I got it back.

So there's that.

One of our sons just celebrated his birthday a few days ago and it happened to be his 21st - THE BIG ONE.  I remember my 21st celebration as if it were yesterday.  Well sorta, it's a bit fuzzy around the edges but seems all I really can recall from that glorious night was shouting the words, Get In Line, over and over again, but you get my drift.  It's a big night and a big deal for the birthday guy or gal.

So with our son Phillip (who is a good mama's boy) we partied it up at our local Five Guys ('cause Johnny Rockets had a half hour wait out the door) then returned home to open what he really wanted to get his hands on (no, we didn't hire Jamie Chung to jump out of his birthday cake. Sorry Phil).

Yes we are eating every one of those damn fries. It's Phil's 21st birthday! 

This is all I really care about

 Really. Fun was had by all, he's finally 21 and today's another day. Onward.

Then in honor of Phil turning 21 I got to thinking...(scary, I know)

The Top 10 Things To Do Now That You're 21

1. You wake in the afternoon on your 21st birthday and are feeling a little thirsty. Go on. A good Bloody Mary never hurt anyone. Plus you're totally legal.
2. After a few Bloody Mary's and a good cold shower you decide to get that tattoo you've always wanted (And be sure to choose something other than a sexy pirate or the letters M.O.M.)
3. Next up - Skydiving. Live life on the edge. Afterwards be sure to call your Mom to let her know you're OK and you didn't fall 5,000 feet to your death.
4. Hire a limo to chauffeur you and your friends around on your special night. You're paying. Your friends will love you. Party it up!
5. Make sure one of your friends brings a camera so they can capture all the stupid things you will surely do on your big night. Or not.
6. Have the limo stop at a liquor store along the way and you run in and buy something. Because you can.
7. Go to a bar. Any bar, just find one. Order a round of drinks for all. You are AWESOME.
8. After several Peach Schnapps and Whiskey shots you feel like showing off your fresh tattoo and dancing. On the table. Do it. You look great. Everybody looks great!
9. Casino! You're feeling lucky tonight (No, not that lucky - loser) Be daring. (*Note to self: Gambling is immoral and should be abolished*)  "Hit Me!"
10. As the sun is rising you are getting a bit hungry and you know what that means....Denny's for breakfast! OK, so maybe this is not your first time at a Denny's watching the sun rise with a group of hung-over delightful friends, but you are hungry. So eat. And Happy 21 to you.

So in my last blog post we played Disney Trivia and it looks like we have a winner! Yay to *Anonymous* whoever the hell you are....Anyway, So since you had all your answers correct, and you certainly appear to have your Disney shit together, the surprise for this blog post is....more Disney!

OK so multiple choice y'all. What do you think we should do with Alice? That girl's a real pain in the ass sometimes.

Silly Alice. She's lost her way, again