Sweet, delish Honey Pie

Sweet, delish Honey Pie

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Huntin' Man Who's Pretty Bad at Huntin' Deer

Conversation recently between the Hubs (AKA, Orvis Lover, AKA, Dad of 5, AKA, Huntin' Man) and me.  

Subject: Hunting with guns.

Dad of 5: I'm thinking about getting another gun.

Me: You already have one. What would you do with another?

Dad of 5:  Hunt more.

Now just to fill you in a bit.  In the years my husband and I have been together (and that's a long ass time now) we have been anti-guns in our home while raising our kids.  We didn't care what others did in their homes, it just wasn't happening in ours.  My husband was also very much against hunting, period.  When we built our home out in the country in Vermont he was the first to venture out on our 80 acres of land to post NO HUNTING signs, everywhere.

Years have past and our little boys are now big boys and Orvis Lover's tune has changed...

Me: Hunt more?

Dad of 5: Yea, you know, now that the boys are grown and I'm not coaching their sport's teams anymore I'd like to do something sporty myself. Something useful.

Me: And strutting around with a gun, stalking and shooting animals is something useful.

Dad of 5: First of all I don't strut. Ever. And second.....second....

Me: I'm listening...

Dad of 5: Even if I do want to hang a deer, bear or moose head on the wall, I still plan to eat what I hunt.

Me: A) I am not chewing and swallowing deer, bear or moose and B) Don't even think anyone's head is hanging on our walls and C) You've never ever even shot a deer. Only beavers.

Dad of 5: I still want another gun.

The Huntin' Man with his beaver, cause he's Pretty Bad at Huntin' Deer

Here's what I say


Sign on our Vermont property

The Huntin' Man even made a cabinet for his gun. Extra bolted.

Today's Alphabet Game has us to the letter I, and in honor of my husband's new love for hunting, I did some research.  I suggested to the hubs he pack it up and head to Indonesia to hang with the Lembata Islanders and hunt Sperm Whale.  Sounds like a good time and probably pretty tasty, too.