Sweet, delish Honey Pie

Sweet, delish Honey Pie

Monday, June 17, 2013

A new travel blog

Hello?  Is it me you're looking for?

Hi!  Couldn't help throw in a little Lionel Ritchie from the past.

You might be wondering where I am or what's up with me since I haven't been around for a while. I'm definitely still around attending to all my regular mama duties. Also preparing to move the family from one state to another (which is a whole 'nother job in itself), but my biggest news (and what's been totally taking me away from you), is the upcoming launch of my new travel blog!

This Girl Travels will be launching Tuesday, June 18th and I am so excited! Squeeeee!!!!!!!
We are also having a Twitter party Tuesday the 18th chatting all about Disney on a Budget! Join us from 2-3pm.  Be sure to follow @thisgrltravels on Twitter and follow the hashtag #thisgirltravels

Come on over and check out all of our travel reviews and helpful travel tips for families, couples and girlfriend getaways! And of course we'll have updates on all things Disney!

Hope to see you there!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Surrender to your bacon obsession

I've been traveling recently (and eating a lot lately) and I've come to realize that I didn't know just how popular the fatty, greasy, tasty pig meat we call bacon was.  

Until Denny's.

I could even order a Maple Bacon Sundae.  Imagine.  Who knew?  

I'll take two, thank you very much.

BACONALIA is back!

I decided to do a little more digging into bacon.  I found some pretty groovy stuff.

Got the no bacon blues?  Bacon Freak can help.  (You know why we're here people.  We MUST HAVE BACON!)

Need a bacon gift idea?  No problem.  Bacon Everything y'all!

And another bacon collection.  Into candy necklaces?  Why not try a bacon candy necklace.  (You know you want to try one)

And finally, the bacon condom has arrived y'all!  It was only a matter of time. Yummy!

I've saved the best for last...

Whiskey Bacon!  Bourbon Caramel Tipped Bacon Roses.
Aren't these the most scrumptious looking edible roses you've ever seen, ever? (I've included the recipe for your pleasure. You can thank me later).

I'm off now to bacon shop.  All I need is a bacon candy necklace, whiskey bacon roses and a bacon condom.  

Wait. I totally just found this y'all.  The Bacon Bra.  What do ya think? Honestly?

Now if I could only find the matching bacon thong.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A little time away, a little travel

I know.  I've been out of touch for awhile.  What can I say, I'm a travelin' girl. 

The husband had business travel in upstate NY - one of our families old stomping grounds - and we decided to go along, for fun.  Eating and shopping, fun. 

We also toured the Albany Institute of History and Art Museum which was pretty awesome.
We learned how to mummify a body, something that is definitely good to know these days.  

Now I want to explore Egypt with Rameses, Cleopatra and King Tut.

I am also very busy working on a new project that I will be launching soon.  Very excited about but lips are sealed for now.  Stay tuned...........

I also want to mention a fabulous new book that is now out called Minivans, Meltdowns & Merlot by Carolyn Coppola (edited by Sarah Teres). All Mothers, new or experienced will LOVE this book. Available in all EBOOK formats and in paperback with all major book sellers. Check out Carolyn's site today!  www.carolyncoppola.com  I happen to have a few free giveaway copies to share so please comment and let me know if you'd like a copy!  (just a note - you mamas will adore this book so get your copy today!).

Anna ready to eat at one of our favorite road trip stops

Amazing how this works, y'all

This one's a little shy. I wanted to see his face

A bit creepy but a whole lot cool

Friday, March 15, 2013

Oldies but goodies to share of my brood

I was sitting around doing nothing today (do you believe that one?) when I got to thinking about my kids.  No, not about how pissed off I am that they haven't cleaned up their rooms or haven't told me they loved me ten times today (which I truly deserved). Just thinking...

Then I got all mushy-like and started to look through some oldies but goodies which is the best pick-me-up for this mom, ever.

I'll share.

Nick and Charlie in Vermont. A boy and his dog

Phillip in Guatemala waiting to meet his new little sister

Joseph and Phillip hanging around.  Lake Winnipesaukee, NH

Anna Grace Lake Kanasatka, NH.  Cutie Patootie!

Me and my goofballs I call my boys

Nick fishin' at Lake Kanasatka, NH

A Schmitt family Easter in Vermont.  LOVE :)

Tom and the boys. Father's Day in Vermont

Phillip, Tony and Joseph in Vermont. Yum, eats!

Me and my guys. It's somebody's First Communion

Tony being Tony with the help of his brothers

Joseph turns 8 with his mommy and daddy, and half of brother Tony

Anna hanging with the piggies in Vermont

Joseph being Joseph. I like the tee shirt buddy.

Phillip turns 12! And is what looks to be a Yankees fan. 

Mother's Day in Vermont. Happiness :)

Tony showing off in Florida. Can you say Nike Air?

Me and my boys vacationing in Maine. Yes, it was frigid

A refreshing dip in the pool. Joseph chillin'in Vermont

I LOVE this pic! Something about our family and pirates...Lake Winnipesaukee, NH

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Huntin' Man Who's Pretty Bad at Huntin' Deer

Conversation recently between the Hubs (AKA, Orvis Lover, AKA, Dad of 5, AKA, Huntin' Man) and me.  

Subject: Hunting with guns.

Dad of 5: I'm thinking about getting another gun.

Me: You already have one. What would you do with another?

Dad of 5:  Hunt more.

Now just to fill you in a bit.  In the years my husband and I have been together (and that's a long ass time now) we have been anti-guns in our home while raising our kids.  We didn't care what others did in their homes, it just wasn't happening in ours.  My husband was also very much against hunting, period.  When we built our home out in the country in Vermont he was the first to venture out on our 80 acres of land to post NO HUNTING signs, everywhere.

Years have past and our little boys are now big boys and Orvis Lover's tune has changed...

Me: Hunt more?

Dad of 5: Yea, you know, now that the boys are grown and I'm not coaching their sport's teams anymore I'd like to do something sporty myself. Something useful.

Me: And strutting around with a gun, stalking and shooting animals is something useful.

Dad of 5: First of all I don't strut. Ever. And second.....second....

Me: I'm listening...

Dad of 5: Even if I do want to hang a deer, bear or moose head on the wall, I still plan to eat what I hunt.

Me: A) I am not chewing and swallowing deer, bear or moose and B) Don't even think anyone's head is hanging on our walls and C) You've never ever even shot a deer. Only beavers.

Dad of 5: I still want another gun.

The Huntin' Man with his beaver, cause he's Pretty Bad at Huntin' Deer

Here's what I say


Sign on our Vermont property

The Huntin' Man even made a cabinet for his gun. Extra bolted.

Today's Alphabet Game has us to the letter I, and in honor of my husband's new love for hunting, I did some research.  I suggested to the hubs he pack it up and head to Indonesia to hang with the Lembata Islanders and hunt Sperm Whale.  Sounds like a good time and probably pretty tasty, too. 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Funny Ass Humor I Found on Pinterest While Doing Absolutely Nothing but Wasting Time

I enjoy humor.  What can I say?  A good snicker and pee-in-your-pants, tears running down your face laugh is damn good medicine. 

So on days when I'm feeling I need a grin, I visit my good buddy Pinterest.  Amen.

We are on the letter H for this blog post y'all and H stands for Humor.  Enjoy.

Two very important things in my life...uh, actually that's three. 

Damn early birds. Mornings and worms can suck it.

Why haven't the bacon people thought of this? 

Dude. I have to tinkle.

You know that's the truth.

To hell with meditation and yoga. Pop them pills.

Good old GPS. Works every time.

I live by this motto. You're either hungry or you're not.

Top three important things in life. Who could live without?

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Game of Truth or Dare. And Giraffes.

My eleven year old middle school daughter and I were having a conversation the other day about games and one game in particular became the topic of discussion. A party game we all know as Truth or Dare.

My daughter:  Um, I've also played this game called Truth or Dare.

Me: Uh huh. Where, why and with whom?

My daughter:  Just with friends, you know, sleepovers Mom.

Me:  Uh huh.  Oh I've been to sleepovers in my day. And I've played Truth or Dare maybe five, or 65 times in my life.  Well that's a fun game don't you think sweetie?

My daughter:  Mom.  Ew.  I guess if you like giving out your biggest secret about a major crush you have on the hottest eighth grade boy in the school or if you think it's really super cool to be double dared to prank call the Pope.

Note to self:  Sign up tomorrow morning at daughter's middle school as room parent and cafeteria mom. Also call Pope to apologize.

I can still vividly recall some of the naughty but awesome Truth or Dare questions asked during my middle school sleepover days.

Paula Truth or Dare?

Me:  Truth.

Name one celebrity you desperately want to make out with.

Me:  I can only name one, I mean I can easily spout off three, or seven if you'd let me?

Just one.

Me: Andy Gibb.  Yep, hairy chested Andy.  He's right up there at the top of my list.

Paula Truth or Dare?

Me: Dare. *sniff*

Go jump in the pool, fart, and announce to the world as loud as you can, "I cut the cheese!"

Yes, those were the good ol' days my friends.

Letter G today folks for our Alphabet Game.  And I've got the perfect G.  I've always been excited about Giraffes.  I've loved them at the zoo and even Melman in my kids Madagascar movies.

 I'm thinking Giraffe Sex.

Giraffes may be awkward but they're quick, y'all.