Sweet, delish Honey Pie

Sweet, delish Honey Pie

Friday, January 25, 2013

My Badass Interview and Disney Trivia

I recently was interviewed at my home on a Wednesday during the kids school hours. After getting the last child off to school I jumped in the shower, alone, hubby had already left for work so he missed out, then proceeded to dry things off, floss, paint my toenails, blah, blah, blah, you know, do all the things needed for an interview.

Right on schedule I hear a ding dong at the front door.  I give the kitchen a quick final check. Yesterday's Dunkin donuts on display in case my guest is hungry. I'm fresh out of milk, coffee and tea so I've got the Champagne chilling. And for some background noise, Alanis Morissette belting out her endearing tune, You Oughta Know. Always so calming and soothing to help get me through the day. A quick spray of Lily of the Valley deodorizer on my way to the door and I'm set.

After some small chit-chat, a few Boston Creme donuts and several glasses of Moet & Chandon we are best buddies ready to get down to serious business. So happy I had those leftover donuts and kickass Alanis handy as this reporter was a first class babe.

Below are my interview questions and replies. You know, I think it went well. Except for number 8.

1. What did you have for breakfast?  Um.  Donuts and Champagne
2. What's your biggest fear?  Sex in an elevator that's going down. As a threesome
3. Describe yourself in one word.  Delicious
4. What is your favorite dessert?  Honey Pie, of course
5. Ever been caught naked in public?  Pffft, sure at least four times now, but the first two don't count
6. Any deep, dark secrets you'd like to share?  Well. I sometimes fantasize that I'm a bunny, living with lots of other bunnies.  In a big house. With an old man we call Hugh
7. What chick-flick always has you in tears?  Sex and the City 1 and 2.  Gets me every time
8. What would come up on the internet if I were to google your name?  *deer-in-the-headlights stare*  Next question
9. Any hot Hollywood heartthrob?  Uh, just one?  OK.  How about....Johnny Depp.  I'm kinda into sexy pirates. In tight trousers
10. Favorite position?  On At the top.  *giggle*  I like being in charge and in control.  At all times.  No matter what.  Period

Ready for my big interview. Does the dress match my eyes y'all?

Enough about sexy pirates and bunnies in a big house. We are up to the letter D.  And D stands for Disney!  My all time favorite place in the world.  Well, unless you count the massage parlor in town, then no, no, Disney would rank second place after Magic Mike's Massage.  Take it off Tuesdays are really worth your dime but we can chat about that another day.

I do love Disney though.  Been vacationing there since I was a young child and now my kids have had the experience of what a magical kingdom it really is.  Thanks Walt.

I have five Disney trivia questions for you.  Let's see how well you know Disney, and if you do, I just might have a magical surprise for you.  Let's play.

1. In Toy Story who owns Woody?  (This is a No Brainer you guys)
a. Tom
b. Andy
c. Henry

2. In Aladdin where does Aladdin find the Genie's lamp?  (OK it's obvious people)
a. The Cave of Magic
b. The Cave of Diamonds
c. The Cave of Wonders

3. In Beauty and the Beast what was Lumiere?  (Hint: He's French dude)
a. Candlestick
b. Clock
c. Wardrobe

4. In Sleeping Beauty what is the name of the Prince?  (This prince is Hawt)
a. Charming
b. Phillip
c. Eric

5. In which film would you find the character Smee? (I've got this thing for pirates y'all)
a. Pirates of the Caribbean
b. Enchanted
c. Peter Pan

Comment back at me and let's talk Disney, where dreams really do come true....yada yada yada.


  1. Think I've got this down:

    1.) B
    2.) C
    3.) A
    4.) B
    5.) C

    1. Why yes! Yes you do. Guess you can watch for my next blog post to see your surprise. Be patient now.